‘Reversing the Flow’ Concept

‘Reversing the flow’┬áconcept is a founding principle of GIBEX, which distinguishes it from other international bio-exploration activities.

Dr. Ilya Raskin in africaReversing the Resource Drain

Biological materials are customarily collected from the natural sources in developing countries and moved to developed countries for pharmacological screening. This practice creates numerous political, social and legal problems. GIBEX reverses the flow of the discovery process. It brings portable, field-deployable pharmacological screens directly to nature in the developing countries, thus creating a new paradigm of ethical bio-exploration.

Reversing the R&D Drain

Developing countries are rarely involved in pre-clinical and clinical development of therapeutic agents derived from their flora and fauna. GIBEX enhances the economic returns for the source countries by keeping the later-stage development work in these countries through building, nurturing and facilitating internal R&D. Thus, the value of any licensing agreement for the source country is maximized. To achieve this goal, GIBEX is building pre-clinical and clinical development capacity in the member countries using the ‘reversed brain drain’ approach (see below).

Reversing the Brain Drain

The training of the scientists from developing countries is customarily done in the developed countries. This practice, in addition to being costly and inefficient, creates a major ‘brain drain’ detrimental to the local economies. It makes poor countries poorer and the rich ones richer. GIBEX sends scientists from developed countries to developing countries to provide hands-on training in the application of the ‘screens to nature’ technology as well as in all other aspects of pharmacological discovery and research.