GIBEX-Cuba / TREE Institute documentary

Brittany’s talk (in Spanish) about GIBEX-Ecuador

Enabling pharmaceutical bioexploration in Tanzania

1st Annual Conference of the American Council for Medicinally Active Plants (ACMAP)”

Truly “Reversing the Flow”

Dr. David Gammon at Rutgers University

GIBEX-Bhutan program

Tribal Communities Explore the Health Benefits of Indigenous Berries Using “Screens to Nature”

“Screens-To-Nature” Training in Africa

A major step in GIBEX-ECUADOR development

Researchers build new model of bio-exploration in the Central Asia

Gibex in China 

Ilya Raskin in New-Zealand

Web of Life and Human Health

Tachia – new ethnobotanical leads in South America

Ardisia – a genus with novel phytopharmaceuticals

Reviving World War II anti-malaria research

Dacryodes edulis – African pear

Irvingia gabonensis – African/Bush mango


GIBEX East Africa workshop 2010

GIBEX-East Africa Symposium 2010

Dar-es-Salaam’08 Workshop

Dushanbe’08 The First Congress of Phytotherapists and Phytopharmacologists of Tajikistan

Cape Town’08 Developing Novel Strategies for Natural Product-Based Drug Discovery for Tropical Diseases

Chicago’07 Symposium