Lena Struwe

Associate Director: Training and Conservation

Dr. Lena StruweDr. Struwe is a faculty member in the departments of plant biology and pathology and ecology, evolution and natural resources and Director of the Chrysler Herbarium. Her research is focused on the historical evolution and biodiversity of angiosperms, especially plants from the order Gentianales and its families Apocynaceae (dogbanes and milkweeds), Gelsemiaceae (Carolina jessamine), Gentianaceae (gentians), Loganiaceae (strychnine family), and Rubiaceae (coffee and madder family). She is investigating tropical plant diversity, evolution, and biogeography based on phylogenetic reconstructions using anatomical, morphological, and molecular data. Much of HER recent work has focused on the classification and phylogeny of the families Gentianaceae and Loganiaceae. The gentian family is also the focus of HER research in floral and fruit development and anatomy, especially in the evolution of calyx and corolla, stamen morphology, fruit types, and pollination syndromes.

Dr. Struwe also works with ethnobotany, people’s historic and contemporary uses of plants. Her lab has ethnobotanically related research projects in New Jersey, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Kyrgyzstan, Peru, Philippines, Uzbekistan and Venezuela.